PBS Writers and Producers say "Save PBS"!

PBS writers and producers please show your pubilc support by signing below. We will share your signatures with key decision makers.

Dear Senator/Congressman,

As writers and producers of PBS programs we urge you to maintain current funding levels for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Cuts will jeopardize important PBS programs such as:

• Children’s Educational Programs ("Between the Lions", "Electric Company", "Sesame Street", etc.) that help teach basic learning skills to millions of children and are used in classrooms around the world;

• Public Affairs, News, and Documentary Programs ("Frontline", "NOVA", "The News Hour", etc.) that provide thoughtful, thorough reports on the most important issues facing our country as well as the latest scientific breakthroughs;

• Cultural & Historical Programs ("Great Performances", "American Experience", "American Masters", etc.) that present valuable insights into works of art and historical events that have helped to shape our history, our culture, and our society.

We care deeply about the future of public broadcasting and have dedicated our careers to creating programs that we believe enrich the lives of all Americans and have a lasting educational, societal, and cultural impact. PBS’ business model is one that relies upon a hybrid of government, corporate and charitable grants, and private contributions. We believe this model works well as it establishes an environment that fosters consistently high quality educational and cultural programming.

As creators of that content we want to preserve the proud legacy of PBS and we firmly believe that public funds for CPB are essential to ensure that PBS programs will maintain the high standard of quality enjoyed by millions of American viewers every year.

Thank you for your support.
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