Changing the rules to protect workers

For the first time in years, the federal agency that handles labor law cases—the National Labor Relations Board-- has proposed to modify its rules in order to protect employees’ right to join a union through a fair election. Union members from around the country are coming together to show their support and we hope you’ll join them by signing the petition below.

The rule change the NLRB has proposed will close loopholes and speed up the election process which will help workers including nonfiction TV writers and producers join unions to improve working conditions.

Dear National Labor Relations Board,
In a year that saw unprecedented attacks on working families and the worst economy for working people since the Great Depression, any step to improve the election process for working people trying to form a union is welcome.
Attacks from corporate interest groups are sure to begin, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the decision you’ve made to stand up for people like me who believe the union provides a path to the middle class and the American Dream for so many families across the country.

I hope you’ll consider my voice as the conversation about the rule gets underway.
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