Wed, Jun 19, 2013
6:30 PM

Funding Your Independent Film, Part 2: Indiegogo

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has revolutionized the way artists, writers and independent filmmakers approach funding their latest projects by allowing them to go directly to their respective audiences to raise the funds they need. By setting up a campaign on Indiegogo, today’s artists and entrepreneurs can raise substantial amounts of money to bring their projects to life, and at the same time build a larger fan base before their product even gets to market.

But successful crowdfunding is not as simple as it sounds.

That's why Indiegogo's own film and crowdfunding guru John T. Trigonis will be sharing a handful of helpful tips and tactics that will help anyone get the funding they need to create the projects they're passionate about. By focusing on what Trigonis calls the “Three Ps” –– pitch, perks, and promotion –– and enhancing them with a personal touch, you too can be on your way to a successful Indiegogo campaign for your next creative project.


John T. Trigonis has worked with numerous filmmakers worldwide to create compelling crowdfunding campaigns that not only reach, but oftentimes exceed their goals. An independent filmmaker and successful crowdfunder himself, Trigonis has literally written the book on Crowdfunding for Filmmakers, and now puts his skills to greater use with Indiegogo as the funding platform's manager of film, web and video campaigns.

Event Location

WGAE Office
250 Hudson Street
Suite 700
New York, NY 10013

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